Montag, Juni 17, 2024
Publishers' Notes

Angetragene Autorenschaft

Nach nur 165 Diaries und sechs Features bewerben sich wahre Starautoren beim Trift: Anne Marie Marriero fragt sogar per E-Mail an, ob sie etwas zahlen darf, um einen echt relevanten und originellen Beitrag leisten zu können:


I’m sending you this message to ask you if I can buy and post an article on your website

Here is some information below:

– The article will be written by us and it will be original;

– The article will be relevant to your site theme;

– article will contain a link to a gambling site and a picture;

– If you make us a good offer, we can have a long partnership ;

Thank you for reading this message, I look forward to your reply.

Have a nice day !